10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Go To The Annapolis Croquet Match At Least Once

by Michael Rumbin · 04/09/2014

The 2014 Croquet Postcard/T-Shirt Design Contest Winner for 2014 is Daniela Lobo Dias Photo by Generic Staff Writer

Editors Note: This story was first published Jan. 6, 2014 by Chelsea Fagan in THOUGHT CATALOG

Once a year, my hometown (and arguably one of the most beautiful towns on the Eastern seaboard), Annapolis, MD, throws a croquet match between the Naval Academy’s Midshipmen and the Johnnies of St John’s. It’s a tradition that dates back to 1982, when, according to legend, the commandant of the Naval Academy insisted to a freshman Johnnie that the Middies could beat them at any sport. The freshman suggested that they would win at croquet, the challenge was accepted, and the game was born. To this day — this year on April 12th, for those looking to make the journey — the event is an annual celebration that the whole town looks forward to. Click Here for the 10 REASONS complete story why everyone should see it at least once.

Chelsea Fagan is a Senior Writer for Thought Catalog living in Brooklyn Photo by Generic Staff Writer
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